Case Study

Shiseido: ft. Art Direction and User Experience

Shiseido, one of the oldest cosmetics companies in the world and with presence around the globe, it sought an unique experience to activate its sunscreen lotion during the summer in the United States. Working in close collaboration with the PR agency Kaplow and inspired by the american summer landscapes, Shiseido developed the campaign concept #beatthesun, a social campaign that focuses on the unexpected and amusing -but not always healthy- effects of the sun on unprotected skin.

The digital experience used custom technology applied to user generated content to create portraits that showed the possible effects of the sun throughout a series of “filters”; As a stand-alone experience, the site required an individual and defined art direction that transmits and enhances the spirit of the season in relation to the product, at the same time keeping the design on brand and in connection with the core values of the company.