Case Study

Vermex Foods: ft. Branding, Packaging & Photography

After 50 years in the industry of preserved foods and working with specialized producers from countries like Spain, Turkey, Morocco and Greece, Vermex has developed a vast range of first-class products under its brand, from olive oil, capers, cherries, hot sauces and a diverse varieties of olives. Its combination of quality and price range has guided them to be present in almost every kitchen all over Mexico.

Since the beginning in 2008, the collaboration with Vermex has taken different formats and outcomes, having been closely involved in the development of a variety of new products, overhauling the entire communication process, from product definition, marketing strategy, logo design, packaging to product photography. Nowadays the collaboration is an ongoing process of visual redesign and rethinking strategies, aiming for the total upgrade of its complete family of products, projecting their ethos to other possible growing markets.