La Moderna
Case Study

La Moderna: ft. Branding

La Moderna is a bar and live music venue located in the heart of Xalapa, Mexico. Like no other city in Mexico, Xalapa has a consistent young adult population with an educated appreciation for new trends in music yet valorating regional traditional music, inventing authentic ways to experienced and composed music. It is worth mentioning Xalapa has the oldest symphony orchestra in the country and one of the most prestigious symphonies in the world.

In a context like this, La Moderna pursues creating a new type of venue for music experiences in Xalapa, targeted towards young adults looking for new art tendencies. The space lives between traditional food and sustainable materials with contemporary interior design. Following this ideology and inspired by names and logos from early 60´s and 70´s, -a moment of great social and economic progress in Mexico- the brand was developed to inspired tradition and avant-garde fervor; Custom letters were designed exclusively for the logo, which eventually were deconstructed and integrated to the interior design.